Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Months Old

Someone turned 2 months old today and while it doesn't seem like it has been that long ago I feel like Christopher has always been here. In the last month he has experienced so many new things and accomplished what some babies don't for several months.

He went on his first overnight road trip to Uncle Bill and Aunt Marie's house, started sleeping through the night in his glider (were working on the bed battle now), has grown leaps and bounds, and is already holding his head up on his own. Jeff and I are so blessed to have him here and even if he were an unexpected surprise we wouldn't have changed one moment of it. Every day we get to wake up to the most precious gift that anyone could ask for and it is heartbreaking for me to think about those who will never be able to experience this level of joy. The changes that we have made, and those still to come, we welcome whole-heartedly. We can't wait for everyone in our family's to meet, and get to know Christopher. Until we get that chance we will continue to share his pictures and our memories on our blog so everyone can see his progress.

Love Jeff, Sara, and Christopher


Unknown said...

Just be advised that it doesn't go any slower--you'll blink your eyes and suddenly he'll be 9 months the new camera :)