Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chestnuts on an Open Fire....

.....well, not so much. I love decorating for the Holidays, Christmas just happens to be my favorite. Not because of toys, food, or shopping. Mostly because, I remember being little and having every one of my family members in one house, usually Grandmas.

It was always nutty (hence the chestnuts), but there was NEVER a dull moment. On any given Christmas get together there would be 23, or more, people together in one place. I remember playing games with my cousins, watching Grandma cook (like a pro) for a small army, and Grandpa sleeping away in the recliner. We never heard a peep from Grandpa, unless one of us did something that was beyond Grandma's stern words. All of my aunts would be chatting around the house, and my uncles watching football. I can hear the laughter emanating from all over the house, and smell; what was always the best food I had ever tasted.

I miss those Holidays. I miss my large family, and the wonderful sounds. We don't make it up home very often, and when we are there it's always a rush. Trying to make sure we get everyone squeezed in to such a small amount of time.

This year we won't be going home. We have decorated, and plan to spend our Christmas here. Jeff is having surgery next week, and this doesn't allow for any traveling. I'm glad that we won't have to rush this year, and Christopher can spend Christmas in bed. He will have his Grandma, and Pawpaw (who just got home from Afghanistan) to play and start their own memories. Meanwhile, I will be remembering my own.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Christopher is obsessed with them. I first noticed his liking of them a few months ago, and it has since become his 2nd favorite thing (next to cleaning). This has only been made worse by the winning of Fin and Gil at the fair 2 weekends ago.

Christopher now wakes up every morning, intent on seeing these fish (who were originally named Friend and Gin). It is almost like he has become so intrigued that any deviation from the routine absolutely RUINS his day. That brings in a whole new issue of the two year old tantrums. He is in full blown toddler terror most of the time.

Anyhow, returning to the fish. Jeff is on midnights this month, so during the day he sleeps. This is normally not a problem with Christopher being at daycare, and me at work. On the weekends, however we have to find something to do outside of the house. Normally this includes going to my mom's and waiting for Jeff to wake up. Today was different! I wanted to do something fun with Christopher, that he has not yet been able to do. Earlier this week I thought of taking him back to the zoo, but with his ears being infected, that was OUT. Friday, I stumbled across the aquarium in Charleston, SC. I thought to my self, "Fish, he loves fish". Proceeding with buying the tickets, I was consumed with happiness as I thought about how much Christopher would enjoy this.

Saturday night comes, and Jeff is getting ready for work. I brought up the website to show Jeff what was at the aquarium for Christopher to do. Looking at Jeff's face, I could tell he was upset we would be going without him. We decided that if he got home, and was not dead tired, he would tag along. At 7:00am Jeff was home, and wide awake. He would join Christopher and I on this date planned to LET.HIM.SLEEP...

To make a long blog, that seems to be growing by the minute, short; We enjoyed the aquarium immensely. Christopher couldn't decide where to go first, and was fast asleep within a few minutes on the ride home (and so was daddy!). These are some of the photos from the trip today..