Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pool Party Anyone?

We all know that Christopher LOVES the pool. Today we got to see how much Savannah loves the pool as well. Christopher spent his time relaxing and floating around watching the action. Action it was, Savannah had a blast splashing in the pool. Will had to hold her up because she was to fast for the pool and didn't like the outcome. I took some pictures with Mom's camera as somehow I always manage to forget mine at the most inopportune moments.

Monday, June 22, 2009

At Work

I'm sitting here at work in my last few minutes, and I have realized setting a surgery is kinda like planning a wedding. There is mountains of paperwork, lots of signatures, the surgeon is kinda like a preacher (without him nothing happens), picking a date, taking time off work, going to therapy afterward, and my favorite part signing your life away to someone who could be almost a stranger. I LOVE IT!

I only wish I could do it all by computer. You hand starts to ache after just a few surgery postings.

How Creepy would it be to show to surgery and see this......

As it says this is what the operating rooms at Candler Hospital here in Savannah looked like in 1915.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Christopher and Savannah


You asked for pictures of Christopher and Savannah together. This was NOT an easy feat. Somehow we managed to get a few though.....

Father's Day

I'm pretty sure Christopher enjoyed today more than Jeff did! Daddy was supposed to sleep in until 10 but Christopher decided he wanted daddy up at 9 (even though he had slept in himself until 8:30). He got to wake up daddy, help open presents, eat his lunch, and go back to sleep. Jeff did really like his gifts. I was excited about Christopher's painting. He had so much fun making himself and the high chair a mess, but he got washed off in his new pool afterward. The footprint plaque turned out great and it has a little poem on the back...

Daddy's Little Boy
His big arms hold him near,
His big voice grows soft and dear.
His big smile full of pride,
His big heart now worn outside.
His little kisses brush his cheek,
His little eyes, joy they speak.
His little hands tug him tight,
His little smile beams true light.
I'm my Daddy's Little Boy,
He's my hero and I'm his joy.
It has been a GREAT day, besides the scorching heat, enjoy the pictures! Another post to follow in a few ;)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Few Photo Slides

I have a lot of pictures to show off today so I figured I would put them all on one blog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Baby and Cousin Savannah

Christopher has been in a wonderfull mood lately. This is a great break considering that he had been sick all last week. We have been getting nothing but smiles from him all day. Mom got home today from Virginia and broght Savannah and Erica back with her. Christopher was so excited to have someone to play with...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Silly Baby

Today I wanted to get some updated pictures of Christopher and a few hopefully containing his "pearly whites". First thing this morning we headed off to the grocery store which happened to get hit by lightening last night so all of their frozen or cold foods were ruined and had to be thrown away! So much for grocery shopping. We came back home to a still sleeping daddy so Christopher decided he wanted a nap too. He woke up around 11 and on doctors request we started the weening of the bottle today.... another bad idea. He has been using a sippy cup for a while but only for juice and water. Christopher wanted nothing to do with the milk in the sippy cup, but as soon as I dumped it into his bottle it was fine and dandy. By this time his clothes were soaked so the pictures of him contain only a diaper and he couldn't have been happier!

Below is a video I took at the same time... He loves the camera now!

NAKED MAN!!!!!! from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jeff Took Me Out To The Ball Game

The other night we were invited out by another couple in our fire department. The plan was to go to the local Minor Leagues game "The Sand Gnats". At first I was mildy dissapointed because the game was draging on and not to much fun in 82 degree heat. By the bottom of the fifth inning when it started to cool down and some more "interesting" caracters showed up the game became ammusing. The other team had a few members with names that should not be given to children by parents. One was Jesus (not the spanish pronuciation either) who I am sure got the most of the heckling from the crowd. We did manage to win the game and enjoyed it so I do believe we will be heading back soon. Below are a few pictures I took during the game... enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please read.

Hi everyone. Instead of Sara posting a blog, it is I, Jeff. I normally don't write blogs. I leave that up to Sara. But recent events surrounding a certain criminal case has gotten me and a lot of fellow SCMPD officers standing up for a cause. Let us begin.

Back on August 28th, 1991, Savannah Police Officer Mark Allen McPhail Sr. was shot and killed at a Burger King while working off duty. Officer McPhail had responded to someone getting robbed at gunpoint. As Officer McPhail approached the suspect, Troy Anthony Davis, Davis shot Ofc. McPhail causing him to fall to the ground. Reports state that Davis went over to Ofc. McPhail, stood over him, and shot him again while smiling. Ofc. McPhail died before help even arrived.
I did not know Ofc. McPhail but he is still a fellow officer.

There were numerous eyewitnesses to this incident. But as the year progressed, many have recanted there testimony. I believe this is due to witness intimidation on the suspects part. Davis and his family have been trying since 1991 to clear him. All of his appeals have been turned down by some of the highest courts in this country. But one thing. If Davis was not guilty, why did he flee to Atlanta to hide out. People state that there isn't enough evidence to convict Davis. However, with numerous witness accounts, which if they testified again almost 20 years later, their memory would not be as acute as it was then. Davis sits on death row. He has appealed numerous times. His family, the NAACP, Amnesty Intl, and other organizations stand up for Davis. But where are the people standing up for Ofc. McPhail. There are numerous officers with Savannah Chatham Metro Police, Chatham County Sheriffs, and other local law enforcement agencies standing up for the McPhail family. I ask that all that read this study the McPhail case and help support the Law Enforcement community. You see Davis supporters wearing "I am Troy Anthony Davis" shirts. Well, as police officers on duty, we can display our support with t-shirts. However, a lot of SCMPD officers on Facebook and other online websites display our support. We also display our support on duty by showing up everyday in our uniform ready to perform our job to the best of our abilities. We ride our calls and guarantee our safe return home to our families. If you have a Facebook account, look for the cause "Justice for Mark Allen McPhail, Sr" and sign up. And tell you friends about it too. Every law enforcement officer will appreciate the support, as well as the family and friends of Ofc. McPhail.

My Sleepy Man

It took 6 days but I'm pretty sure this retched cold is almost gone. Christopher on the other hand is only on day 3 of his cold. He hasn't been sick since he was a newborn so this is a new experience to him. Last night he was at moms while Jeff and I had our fire meeting. He ate his dinner and went to sleep perfectly fine, but when we picked him up it became a whole new story. He decided he wanted to wake up and play. Not to mention he couldn't breathe. In our bed he came in some hope that he would realize that it was "sleepy time". No such luck! He wanted to play with Jeff's ear and slap me repeatedly. Finally we just put him back in his bed and after being home for 3 hours he finally fell asleep. This morning comes around and Christopher is still asleep. I took a picture of him when I found him.... and another picture after I removed all of the blankets he decided he needed in the middle of the night. Even after opening the curtains and repeating his name with some back rubs he was still fast asleep.

We are now wide awake and mommy is headed off to work! I just wish that everyone in the world could enjoy a deep sleep like what this little one was in. Enjoy and have a wild and wonderful Wednesday!