Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun with Aiden

I finally made it to Ohio. The plane rides were mostly uneventful other than the poor woman who threw up on the first plane ride. I thought for sure it was going to be a chain reaction when the 10 people around her ran for the back of the plane but she was the only one who lost her breakfast. Once that catastrophe was over the rest of the ride went smoothly. After dropping off Laura, Lou and I headed back to the house and I got to see our handsome little nephew Aiden. At first he was a little shy but by today he has softened up to me a little.

Today was Aiden's day to stay with Mimi and I so I would be able to spend some time with him. We went to visit one of Lou's friends from Italy and Aiden was full of giggles and willing to play along with everyone as they oohed and ahhed him for a few hours. He took a little bit of a nap and then it was off to the races again with the giggles and grins. So with Aiden finally getting used to me I got to see a lot of cute faces today. Later this week is the Cotter baby shower here at Lou's so I'm getting excited for that and to see what Kim has planed. Check back for more later.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Family Time

So the week of having family around has finally arrived. My cousins Lynda, Laura, and Lynda's boyfriend Kyran arrived early Wednesday morning to Jacksonville. Mom made the trip down to pick them up as I was currently in the doctors office getting a check up. Will also made it home on Wed. but his arrival wasn't until late hat afternoon.
Jeff had been up for 8 hours when we made the trek to the doctors office only to find out that we had to sit there for an hour and wait on the glucose mixture to get into my system. The visit went fine and found out that Christopher is a little taller that expected. He should only be about 15 inches but is already measuring around 19. While I'm excited that he is healthy and growing at an awesome rate, its a little disconcerting that he is so long. Only 12 weeks left to go!
After getting home from the doctors office Jeff and I took a well needed nap. I left him to sleep and went to meet up with my mom and cousins before going to see Will off the plane. I must admit it was a little overpowering to see the solders march into the hanger even if there was only about 30 of them that came home that day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Been How Long?

OK, OK, OK! I know its been almost a month since I last posted something on here so I better get everyone updated. Jeff has only two weeks left until he is cut loose from his training period, Christopher is getting bigger by the day (sometimes I wonder how he can stretch out as far as he does without tearing my stomach in half), Belle is still her normal psychotic self, and we have made a few changes in the past month.

Jeff and I finally went and picked out the border and paint to fix up Christopher's room. It's so adorable I wish we had it up so I could take a picture and show you. Unfortunately it doesn't arrive until our anniversary, which is just a few days away! We have finished the painting though so when his border does arrive we can put it up before I make my trek to the big O-H-I-O!

The plans have finally come together for the trip and the two baby showers. Jeff's mom (Mimi) mailed down an extra invitation for the party at her house and its absolutely perfect. Kim did a great job on the design and my favorite, the poem! The party in New Lex is going to be the week after and I cant wait to get started on the cake I have planed to bake.

We have added another pet to our family, very unexpectedly! We came home about a week ago and found that in the bottom of one of my plants out front we have a tree frog that now calls my plant container home. We decided to name him Herbie, a very unusual name for a frog. Jeff wanted to call him Kermit but I thought it was too typical. Belle on the other hand has taken a page from Jeff's dads feeding ideas for cats. She loves Cheerios and every time she sees Jeff grab the box from the pantry she follows him around until he gives in and gives her some. At least we know she's lowering her cholesterol in the process.

We've also made a few purchases in the past month to start preparing for family to visit. My cousins will be here next week and Jeff's mom will be here soon as well so we were very excited about our savvy buys. We found a lady on Craig's list who was very eager to get a sleeper sofa out of her spare room and we couldn't believe how great of shape it was in and she only wanted $150 for it. The other purchase was a little bit bigger of a buy but it will last us for a long while. I saw this table at the store and absolutely fell in love with it so it found its way home with us as well.

So over the past month a lot of changes have been made and we are one month closer to seeing our peanut. My next check up is Wednesday and its they day I have to fast and they do a complete check up of my heart and so forth. Lets keep our fingers crossed, hope to see y'all soon!