Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Love, Love, LOVE Savannah!!!

This is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever been too! There is always greenery no matter what the season, it is warm 80% of the year, and there are some of the biggest fountains I have ever seen.

This morning we took Christopher down to Daffin Park. Not so much a "park" for play as it is a park of a big pond and two enormous fountains. There is a path all the way around the pond, only about a mile and a half, and in the middle of the water is a building you can rent out. At first Christopher was scared to death of going anywhere near the pond. I guess he thought we were going to get him wet. He finally decided it was ok, and was very excited when we got close enough to show him how far in the air the water went.

We walked the entire path, and met a strange savannah bird (It is a mix between a chicken and a duck). After he tried to jump in two or three times, we thought it was best to leave. We did get a few great pictures. Just so you can grasp how big these are, the water goes higher that the trees in the distance :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day In The Pool

We set up Christopher's pool a few weeks ago. He has been in it twice, but today was the first time Jeff was home to enjoy the fun. Not to mention the water Christopher decided Daddy needed to wear.

After breakfast we put Christopher in his pool (without water, because he likes to assist in the filling process). I honestly think that getting to play with the water hose is his favorite part. He splashes water everywhere, and giggles while doing it. Unfortunately, I can't get in the pool with him until next weekend (because of the surgery), so he has yet to fully enjoy his pool. I on the other hand enjoy the fact that he is plum tuckered after playing, and is sleeping away in his crib.

Pool Time from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Love Carnivals

They are a great "mini-fair", and allow me a chance to expose Christopher to rides without the commotion. Case-and-point, Sunday night Mom and I took Jacob and Christopher to the carnival here in Savannah.

When Jeff and I first moved here, they had a carnival every year around this time in front of the National Guard Armory. However, last year there was no carnival. I was so upset, because I was excited to get fair food (without waiting for the fair to come down here in OCTOBER!!!). Evidently these "Carnie-folk" forgot to get a permit last year, thus enabling them to visit Savannah. Luckily this year they had their remembering caps on.

Jacob is always so excited to see the carnival, this year was even better. He is finally tall enough to go on the big rides, and I enjoyed them as well :). He would run up to the gate, get into the ride, and freak out when it started moving faster than he expected. For some reason he always got off the ride with a smile saying, "That was awesome, but let’s not do it again".

Christopher even got to enjoy some little rides. They had a great variety for the little ones, and I loved watching him. He couldn’t have cared les that he was on a ride. He sat there stone faced, staring off into the distance (while he spun in circles, and Jacob laughed hysterically!) He did win a prize at the rubber ducky pond, a green kick ball.

There was one ride that he decided he did not like too much. It was a double swing. He and Jacob sat side-by-side, and at first it was like every other ride. Somewhere about the fourth time around, I noticed his face (click on the picture to get a better view). The ride operator noticed it too, and hit the emergency stop button for me to get Christopher off. From that point on, he was done with rides. I am so glad I got that picture!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Mothers Day

This day has become a very big part of my year. For me being a Mom means so much more than "Just being a Mom". I always think about the women out there unable to have this day for any given reason, and I am grateful that I have Christopher.

I couldn't imagine not being able to celebrate this day with him. Even If he gives me headaches and tries repeatedly to kill the cat, he is my little boy. I look forward to seeing what he does in the future, not only for Mother's Day, but for every other day too!

This year was pretty low key. He took a few long naps, giving me a chance to do the same. I am fortunate for this as I had surgery on Friday, and I am still having a few pains (not including Jeff! HEHE! ) We spent the afternoon with my mom, since Jeff had to go back to work today. This meant Christopher got to play with Jacob, Savannah, and his favorite doggy Brock. This picture is of him bouncing on Brock's belly. Thankfully Brock doesn't mind at all!! So Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there, and for all of those who are soon to be or hope one day to be!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Week Of Late...

....Started off with a bang!

1. Found out I do have a moderate version of the big "C". I have surgery this Friday to remove all affected cells, in hopes of keeping this at bay.

2. Jeff had a great day Saturday at the Hometown Hero's Event (which he planned from start to finish!!). There was a good turnout for both the event and the game. He also has come out of it with great ideas for next year (one of these includes wearing sunscreen, as he has a terrible burn).

3. Christopher has now figured out the dreaded "No" word. I was quite happy 2 weeks ago when all he would say was "uh-uh".

4. Movies have been made, but not yet posted of the past few weeks. That is by far becoming my "fail" for this blog. If only I had an assistant to do these things for me....

5. I never did mention that Christopher has decided that no vegetable shall be a part of his world (this includes steamed, raw, fried, bbq'd, or covered in gooey cheese!) He has on the other had fallen in love with Jeff's favorite... Mac N' Cheese. So much for healthy choices!

6. We had one split second where I thought Christopher might want to try the big boy potty. This was only to trick me into letting him close enough so he could splash the forbidden water inside...YUCK!!!!!

7. I took Jacob to the baseball game Saturday where he proceeded to eat a.... hotdog, bag of potato chips, my nachos, bag of peanuts, and an Ice cream cone (before deciding that his tummy hurt!).

8. Thanks to Mamma and my constant pushes, Christopher can point to his eye, chest, and me to tell me "I Love You". He still won't say the word but I get "I You". Close enough!

9. We sat down and watched a Scooby-Doo marathon, where Christopher kept saying "dog...bad bad". I guess we're not ready to advance from Max and Ruby just yet.

10. As I lay here typing this, I am listening to Christopher babble in his sleep, so cute!