Thursday, September 25, 2008

False Alarms and Making Donuts!!!

The past two weeks could be described as "eventful" for Jeff and I. We had two somewhat false alarms that only make me more ready for Christopher to be here. I say "somewhat false" because I was having the labor contractions (every 2 min and lasting 45-60 seconds) but nothing else was making its move. Jeff and I both decided that Christopher must have just finished painting in there and possibly even hung up new drapes which would make him unwilling to leave. It's fun to hear about everyone calling to find out if he has arrived yet instead of actually wanting to see how things are going in general. Mom has discovered that no phone call that comes in is truly for her or Will it is more to find out if Christopher has decided what day he wants to arrive. I'm also loving all of the different "tricks of the trade" to get things moving but I must say that NONE of them are working on this kid. We went to the doctor yesterday and there hasn't been even the slightest change from last week, not to mention I'm to healthy for Dr. McIntosh to even consider induction. So unless he changes his mind it looks to be a few more weeks before we meet our little trickster.

In the time spent between contractions and hospital visits I have been going through cook books, I know that is a scary thought. While I was going though Jeff's moms cook book (He decided it needed a new home a while ago and book-napped it) I found a recipe for made from scratch donuts and I attempted. The kitchen did not blow up, and I still have all body parts intact so i must have done all right. The donuts were delicious as Jacob let me know for a few hours afterword with handfuls running them to his room. Within 15 minutes he had all of the sugar coated donut holes devoured and wanted more.

So as I wait for Christopher to arrive i might make a few more attempts at cooking or baking as long as I'm at moms so I cant ruin my kitchen, the army can always fix hers. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

False Alarm

Hello all. It's Jeff. Sara is taking a little well needed nap after the situation today. Let's see. Normally, Sara and I sleep til about noon due to my work schedule. Well, about 9:30 this morning, Sara wakes me up and says that she believes her water broke and she's having contractions. So first things first, call the doc. The doctor wants us to come in for an exam. That was about 12:00. So we arrive at the hospital and get checked in. After a few moments, we're whisked away to the Labor & Delivery ward. They took Sara back to triage as I waited out in the waiting room with a few other families. Finally, they brought me back. Sara was looking somewhat comfortable in the hospital bed with a few monitors hooked up. So we waited...and waited...and waited. After a while, the doctor came in and did a quick exam. After finding out that Christopher wasn't ready to grace us with his presence, the doctor finally discharged her at around 4:30. Sara was a bit famished so we made a quick pit stop at McD's for her. She has to go to the doctor again tomorrow for an ultrasound to see how much fluid is still there. Then we might find something out then. We'll keep you posted.