Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slumber Party with Mommy

I've said this before, but playtime before bed is my FAVORITE time with Christopher. He is so playful, and this is when I discover what he has learned that day. This is also the time that he is the most loving.

Today I learned that he knows how to count, and not just repeat. If I held up 2 fingers he said TWO (and so on). It's hard to believe that he knows so much and he is not even two. Unfortunately he would not perform on queue while I had the camera going (go figure). I did get a lot of adorable pictures of him (which causes a new problem because my computer is getting low on space)! Enjoy!

Nite Nite from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What A Day!!!

Even though I work for a surgeon, I strongly believe no one should be set for surgry at 6am. This was the time we were given for Christopher, and I am now exhausted!

He did very well during surgery, and afterward as well. The surgery only lasted about 20 minutes and they had Christopher back to us with in an hour. The nurses were very relucktant to bring me back my little boy. They said he was a wonderful little man, and that they wanted to keep him all day.

After a short stay in post-op Christopher got to come home. He was excited to leave, but with the pain he was having he went straight to bed. Tonight he is back to his normal self! Enjoy the cute pictures of him in his little hospital gown.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Beach Trip For A While

With Christopher's surgery happening this week, we wanted Chris to have one more fun day at the "BIG POOL". Oh! I also cut all of my hair off.

After Christopher being woke up by Brock at 5:30, we got a bright and early start to the day. We wanted to get chairs with an umbrella or a sun shelter before we headed to the beach, so we had to wait for the stores to open (at 8am). We ended up with a sun shelter from Target (one AWSOME store), and were off the beach. You will notice the shelter in some of the photos; it looks like a tent cut in half. On a side note I would recommend this thing to anyone, you can take it to beaches, parks, or anywhere else you might imagine (and it gives SPF protection from the sun).

We got to Tybee (Tie-bee) close to 9, with an already sleeping little boy. Chris loved the sand, but was not impressed with the waves messing up his sand castle. Anytime we took him into the water he would lay his head down on our shoulder and close his eyes. At one point in time we thought he was asleep, so Jeff went to lay him down in the shelter, of course he was faking.

After a Goldfish and Capri Sun snack, we packed up and headed for the truck. My favorite photo in this bunch is the one where I am holding him, and right behind us is a wave about to crash. We had a great time, and can't wait until he is better to go back again.

This is my new style, after I got mad at 10:30 the other night (IT WAS HOT!!), and cut my hair off. It's a little shorter than I thought it would be.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Video's From Vacation

As promised below are a few of the video's from our vacation. My favorite one has to be of Christopher and Aiden playing Ring-Around-The-Rosy. Enjoy :)

Mac N' Bink (Christopher discovers a new way to eat Mac N' Cheese)

Mac N' Bink from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday To Me at Buca De Bepo

Happy 24th Birthday To Me from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

Cotton Eye Joe Dancing

Dancing Fools 2 from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

And last, but not in any way least, Ring-Around-The-Rosy

Dancing Fools from Sara Cotter on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

We started off with a big BANG (and I'm not talking about fireworks)! We spent a week visiting friends and family in Ohio. Along the way we took Christopher to some fun places with new experiences mixed in.

Our flight up was the first kink in the vacation. A rain delay in Savannah put us in Charlotte later than expected, followed by a two hour delay for leaving Charlotte. We made it into Columbus around midnight, and once Mimi found another way to the airport (because 670 was closed for construction) we made it to the house. At around 5 am Wednesday morning Jeff woke me up complaining of extreme pain in his abdomen. At 9 am we made the trek to Riverside Hospital. 8 hours later Jeff was pain and appendix free. This left us with limited choices for the rest of our vacation.

Thursday we brought Jeff home (to sleep), and spent the rest of the afternoon outside with Mimi and Aiden. The boys had fun playing with bubbles and toys in the pool. This is how we spent most of our afternoons while Jeff recuperated. No complaints from us!

Friday was Jeff and my date night. Red, White, and Boom was OUT since Jeff was not feeling up to the crowds or the walking. Instead we went to Easton. We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory and watched Eclipse in IMAX. I was so thrilled that Jeff agreed to go to the movie. I was equally thrilled that he liked it.

Saturday was another "relax" at Mimi's house day

Sunday brought more traveling. This time we went to my hometown to visit my side of the family. It was a big surprise for me to have Christopher actually sleep at my aunt's house. I was so proud of him; he made his mommy very happy. It was fun to watch him with my family (especially my grandparents). There were no temper-tantrums, and he actually danced for them. We left around dinner time to head back to Columbus. Oh, and Happy Birthday to ME

Monday went took the boys to Whetstone park. It was a scorcher, and they were not thrilled. I took Christopher up to the Park of Roses. It is one of my favorite places in Columbus. It is about 10 acre of nothing but roses. I could have spent hours there, but Christopher and Aiden were getting tired and still needed lunch. That afternoon Jeff and I went on a shopping excursion in Dublin, followed by dinner at Buca Di Bepo.

Tuesday was Zoo day. I am still amazed at how these little guys made it through 4 hours of heat and walking. There were some moments at the zoo where we could have stayed and watched the animals play. There were 2 black bears playing in the water right next to the glass, the boys were amazed with them. Aiden was not very happy to see the Wolverines’, and all of the monkeys in the zoo were aiming to please. All-in-all it was a successful trip, and we will definitely do it again. That evening Mike and Kim took us to a Clipper's game. While the team was not brining their A game, we still had a great time.

TODAY... (Whew, sorry this blog is on the ridiculously long side). Our flight left bright and early. The second leg of the trip we were astonished to find the plane less than half full. This meant we had 4 seats to spread out and relax, allowing Christopher space to move. This brings us up to speed and time for bed. Check back in the next couple days for videos.