Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Beach Trip For A While

With Christopher's surgery happening this week, we wanted Chris to have one more fun day at the "BIG POOL". Oh! I also cut all of my hair off.

After Christopher being woke up by Brock at 5:30, we got a bright and early start to the day. We wanted to get chairs with an umbrella or a sun shelter before we headed to the beach, so we had to wait for the stores to open (at 8am). We ended up with a sun shelter from Target (one AWSOME store), and were off the beach. You will notice the shelter in some of the photos; it looks like a tent cut in half. On a side note I would recommend this thing to anyone, you can take it to beaches, parks, or anywhere else you might imagine (and it gives SPF protection from the sun).

We got to Tybee (Tie-bee) close to 9, with an already sleeping little boy. Chris loved the sand, but was not impressed with the waves messing up his sand castle. Anytime we took him into the water he would lay his head down on our shoulder and close his eyes. At one point in time we thought he was asleep, so Jeff went to lay him down in the shelter, of course he was faking.

After a Goldfish and Capri Sun snack, we packed up and headed for the truck. My favorite photo in this bunch is the one where I am holding him, and right behind us is a wave about to crash. We had a great time, and can't wait until he is better to go back again.

This is my new style, after I got mad at 10:30 the other night (IT WAS HOT!!), and cut my hair off. It's a little shorter than I thought it would be.