Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Camera and A GREAT Nights Rest

Last night was wonderful! Jeff ended up working "Jingle Bell" overtime and got home around 10. Christopher was eating his last bottle of the night and was getting very sleepy so we decided we would read him a story and put him to bed a little earlier than usual. After head-butting Jeff in the mouth and getting his little bottom changed we put him in his own bed for the first time since the week he came home. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about how long he would stay there but within 15 minutes he was out! I went to bed early as well since Jeff was home and I didn’t have to go get him from work. Amazingly enough I woke up at 5, which is when Christopher normally gets up but, bless his little heart, he slept until 6 this morning. He ate his morning bottle and got his bottom changed again and went right back to sleep in his bed. I wanted to jump for joy when Jeff and I woke up at 9 and he was still asleep. Even if it is a fluke and doesn’t happen again tonight (although we are praying it will) it was a much need complete night of rest.

Jeff and I also got one of our Christmas presents a little early. Mom got us a new digital camera and it came in today. The only reason we got to open it was because it was a little more expensive then what she was going to pay so we said that we would give her some money to get the better camera. I was really excited to use it today and it takes a lot better quality pictures then what our old camera did. Here is a picture I got of Christopher today. His smile just keeps getting bigger every day!