Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Final Cardiologist Visit

No one knows the agony you go through when you worry about what might be wrong with your beautiful baby. Everyone hopes that their child is born healthy, happy, and can go home with no worries. This was not our case.

From the day that Dr. Stone examined Christopher at the hospital he was concerned about a "whooshing" sound in Christopher's heart. We were told it was a completely normal murmur from Dr. Pastorek (an infant Cardiologist) but that he also had another murmur that needed to be watched because it could be something worse. After almost 3 months of absolute terror wondering what could be wrong with Christopher we got to see the Cardiologist again. After a few tests and an hour wait we found out that our little boy's heart is fine. He will probably have this particular murmur until he is an adult but there is nothing to worry about because over half of the children in America have this same murmur. A LARGE weight was lifted off of our shoulders this morning.

While we were there I got a few shots of Christopher getting his tests and hanging out in his "twinky" hospital gown. I also took a video of him scooting across the exam table... Check out the videos above (two of them are from Christmas with Grandpa Will entertaining Christopher).

We also found out that in the last 14 days Christopher has gained 6 oz and has stayed the same in his length. His blood pressure was a normal 98/45 and his temp. was 98.1 (A clean bill of health was granted to our little papoose).


Unknown said...

Glad to hear the little booger is okay :)