Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun with Mimi

Mimi and Grandpa left this morning on their return trip to Ohio. They plan on stopping off in North Carolina for tonight and tomorrow then finish the drive on Sunday. I must say we had a blast while they were here. We really don't get to see them enough but since we live 800 miles away it's hard to visit more often. They won't be coming back down until April and we will be making a trip to Ohio in July.

While they were here we took a short trip to Jacksonville to visit with Uncle Bill and Aunt Marie. It was an eventful two days as Christopher did not want to settle down. I think he realized we weren't at home and was a little apprehensive. We did go to the beach and take some very cute pictures as well as at their house. Christopher really enjoyed the bear skin rug in front of the fire place (so much so he tinkled on it). The last night we were there some of Jeff's cousins came over and we all had a fabulous dinner followed by a lot of laughs and giggles (that's when we were doing the pictures by the fire). One of Jeff's cousins 15 month old Henry was strolling around there playing and having a blast. He didn't really like the animated Christmas decorations but it was cute watching him try to avoid all of them.

Christopher is getting bigger everyday and his personality is expanding almost twice as fast. While Mimi and Grandpa were here we started "Changing Table Talk Time". After his last bottle of the night we would go to change him and we would just laugh and talk back. We tried to get it on camera but every time he saw the camera come out he shut down. Anyhow when we get them edited I will put the best one up here. Enjoy!