Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twas The Night Before Christmas....

...and all through our house a few people were stirring, let's all hope that there is no mouse!
Daddy was reading Christopher his Christmas Eve book and Momma was praying for a silent night (that didn't happen by the way). Although no snow or colder weather was present we enjoyed our evening just as well. We watched a few Christmas shows and spent some time at mom's before heading home to put Christopher to bed. We took Jacob out to look at Christmas lights while Will, Bob, and Jeff put together his dune buggy. When daddy woke up this morning (seeing as how I was already awake with my sleepless little one) we opened our gifts and got ready to head over here to moms for Christmas din din. We miss everyone up home so much and I hope you're Christmas is filled with as much blessings as we are experiencing here this year!


Mimi said...

What cute pictures. I'm glad to see Daddy reading Christopher his book. I hope that becomes a tradition every Christmas Eve.