Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cutest Outfit EVER!

Looking for an elf outfit for Christmas is not an easy task! Everywhere you go they have Santa, Reindeer, or Snowmen... no Elf's. I've been so frustrated trying to find an outfit for Christopher for Christmas because everyone else has their little ones in the Santa and Reindeer. While Lou (Mimi) was down we found an elf hat and I managed to sew it up to fit Christopher's head (it was an adult hat) but still no baby elf costumes. Finally while we were down in Florida we saw it, Henry ( Jeff's cousins baby) had a sleeper from Osh Kosh and it said "Little Elf" on a butt flap. It was so adorable Mimi decided to get one for Christopher and Aiden. The only problem left was the Elf slippers, I just happened to find some last night and took a few pictures of Christopher so enjoy!

We also went and got his picture taken with Santa while Mimi was here and since I have been slacking on blog duties I'll add it to these pictures ;)


Unknown said...

What a cutie :):):)

Beth said...

Way cute you have the whole outfit I am glad you were able to find the PJs have a Merry Christmas ;)