Saturday, December 13, 2008

Changing Table Talk Time

While Mimi and Grandpa were here for Thanksgiving we started a nightly tradition called "Changing Table Talk Time". After his last bottle of the night we go to the changing table to put on a clean diaper before bed and Christopher decides that this would be the perfect time to discuss whatever 2 month old babies think about. I don't know why he cant talk to us during the day but hey it's cute and I'm not going to complain. I managed to get a little of his chatter before he saw the camera and went blank.

(The blog site is being silly so this is a link to it on my myspace page, hopefully i can get it up here soon!)

He has also been giving us A LOT of smiles lately and I hope they continue but here is the latest snap shot of his little dimples.


Beth said...

It was nice getting to meet you and I will enjoy watching little Christopher grow up. And yes Henry is doing very well just hoping no more ER visits.