Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Knew 3 Months Would Arrive So Fast?

Christopher has been cruising past all of his developmental milestones this past week. For a while now I was beginning to worry that he would be behind in most of the areas that 3 month olds are supposed to be starting. In the last few days he has astonished me time and time again.

-He has finally started playing on his belly (after only 12 days of torturous crying)

-He held his own bottle several times in the past couple of days

-I have noticed him rocking from side to side when he is playing on the floor trying to roll over

-We began the scooting phase the other night, he no longer wants to be in one place for too long.

-We started rice cereal about 2 weeks ago and he is taking to more solid foods like a fish takes to water. He starts to cry if Jeff and I are eating something like he wants to try it (Sorry but pizza is a few years away!).

-This week coming up we are going to try baby veggies. He's had applesauce, and liked it A LOT. He also tried some peaches, although I'm going to hold off on fruits for a while longer (they don't agree with his digestive system just yet).

-We don't have another doctors apt. until February but as of today his weight is....... 14 pounds and 4 ounces.

I apologize for the quality of a few of the pictures I took them with my camera phone.


Beth said...

It is so true you blink and they are all grown up. It is amazing to watch them learn somedays I just sit in awe as I watch Henry learn new things.