Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christophers First Boo-Boo

Oh what a night! Christopher had his first boo-boo and I think that I was more upset than what he was. I was trimming his nails because they grow ridiculously fast, and he decided to jerk his hand at the same second that I went to cut. Instead of getting the nail I snipped the tip of his thumb. I can handle seeing a car wreck with blood gushing out of someones head, arm, & whatever else, but when I saw his finger with the tiniest cut I started to cry as if it were my finger. I assume that it was because it was my fault but none the less it was still bad. We got him all cleaned up and less than 30 minutes later he had forgotten all about it. I know it is the first of many to come (especially if he is as klutzy as I am), but I hope he gives me time to prepare for the next round.

I was on a picture taking spree yesterday as well and these are some of the pictures I liked. The first one on here is after his finger incident. You can see the band aide on his finger (which fell off in the bathtub last night). BTW a little piece of info: Don't ever put a band aide on a baby or toddler's hand who sucks on their fingers... too many babies choke that way :(