Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christophers 3 Month Pictures

It's been a few days and I needed to update everyone on Christopher's on again off again sleeping habits. it seems that our beautiful little boy only wants to sleep every other night. As much of a blessing as it is to having him sleeping at all it would be even better if it were every night. Last night was a 10 hour night (I LOVE being rested and awake). We went to get his 3 month pictures taken yesterday and while it wasn't to horrible he still wasn't a cooperative little fellow. He started out o.k. then went to absolute hysteria which was followed by a crash. We tried everything to get him to wake up at the end or even just open his eyes but nothing would work. I made a collage of his pictures (there were to many to do them one at a time) they will be in on the 19Th so we will get them sent out shortly after.