Saturday, January 31, 2009


I wish these teeth would make their way into Christopher's lower jaw already. He's having a horrible time dealing with the pain and causing me a huge headache. It's hard enough to deal with Christopher at night when it is getting close to his bedtime (he gets EXTREMELY cranky), but now with his teeth coming in it's like World War 3. To make it worse Jeff works the evening shift so he is only home two nights of the week at these times. I'm dealing with it the best that I can but I honestly don't understand how these people with 6 to 8 babies deal with it. Check out our new video of Christopher chatting away with Jeff. At least it is good to know his eating isn't being slowed down by these teeth (he's chubbier than ever)!


Beth said...

I feel your pain Henry is getting four molers all at the same time! He kept waking up at night screaming but come to find out he had two ear infections on top of his teeth coming in!