Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Guy

Christopher will be turning two soon, and as we get closer to that day I fret about it even more. I don't want to believe my little guy is growing up. Every day he learns new things and surprises me with new words, and adventures. It has been a while since he has actually let me sit him down and take a few pictures of him. It has also been a while since he would sit in a basket for the aforementioned. I hope you enjoy these, as they will probably be the last of such pictures ;)

Afternoon Fun

It has been the BEST weekend in some time. Christopher and I have been able to go exploring more, because we finally bought me a car. We have been driving around and visiting places we wouldn't normally be able to go without Jeff. I don't think I have seen Christopher so excited to just randomly ride around to listening to music.

Tonight we cleaned the car out (it got dirty when two random dogs jumped in at Robyn's house). Christopher was outside without his shirt on, playing in the water from the hose. I love the many faces I get from him in a few minutes time. He has become my little buddy in crime, as he can do whatever he pleases and get away with it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Update

It's been a while, and our family has had quite a bit of things happening lately. Christopher went to his first baseball game, we have been looking for a house, I started with a new doctor, and Christopher has wanted to play like there is no tomorrow (which is why blogging is on the back burner).

The baseball game was a huge success. It was our company picnic, and the sand gnats pulled out an awesome win. Christopher went for a lot of walks, but was amazing and behaved well the entire time. The end of the game was the best. There was a man trying to set a world record by lighting himself on fire and running the bases. He was successful! After that was the fireworks and Christopher's bedtime.

House hunting is always fun. I like going to different places and seeing how each house is differs from others that we have seen. Hopefully by next spring we will find something we like, and move in. The closer I can be to my new office, the better.

That brings me to the new job. Wednesday I was offered a new position being the primary MA for a new surgeon in our group. He will be working in Hilton Head (and so will I). I went today to set up our temporary office. Our building will not be finished until November, but we have been set up in a nice building for the meantime. Dr. Sutherland is right out of residency, and moved here with his wife and adorable little girl Isabella. She and I hung out for a while today and played on PBS kids while Dr. Sutherland took care of some business at home with his new dog. A great start to a new beginning!

Christopher has been getting very funny lately. I know it's going to get better as he gets older, but some of the things he is doing now makes me so happy to see him growing and learning. I loves to sing, and play hide n' seek. He knows how to count forward and backward to 10, and has 19 letters down pat. As far as the "sickies" go, we are on a 5 week stretch without ANY issues! We are so grateful to Dr. Moretz for making our little boy feel better, and getting him back to normal.

Below are some of the pictures taken lately, enjoy ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiking with My Boys

After work tonight Jeff and I took Christopher for a nature hike at Skidaway State Park, and a picnic at the park there. The weather was very nice today a "cool" 85 degrees, with no rain in the forecast. We couldn't ask for a better day to take Christopher for a hike.

Before we went on our hike, we had a picnic at the playground in the park. Christopher couldn't care less about eating. He was to excited to play at the park that nothing else mattered to him. He even went down the slide for the first time by himself.

We have not taken him on a hike for over a year, and he was very happy to see all the different things along the way. He kept asking, "What's that"? He really liked the big palm leaves, and along the path were numbered posts (to tell you what the type of tree was that they were in front of). Christopher picked out the number 13 as his favorite, and even was refusing to leave the post for a few minutes.