Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiking with My Boys

After work tonight Jeff and I took Christopher for a nature hike at Skidaway State Park, and a picnic at the park there. The weather was very nice today a "cool" 85 degrees, with no rain in the forecast. We couldn't ask for a better day to take Christopher for a hike.

Before we went on our hike, we had a picnic at the playground in the park. Christopher couldn't care less about eating. He was to excited to play at the park that nothing else mattered to him. He even went down the slide for the first time by himself.

We have not taken him on a hike for over a year, and he was very happy to see all the different things along the way. He kept asking, "What's that"? He really liked the big palm leaves, and along the path were numbered posts (to tell you what the type of tree was that they were in front of). Christopher picked out the number 13 as his favorite, and even was refusing to leave the post for a few minutes.