Friday, November 14, 2008

A bath, a new discovery, and some good times

We've had an interesting week with a few twists and turns. Christopher and I both just got over a cold and we found out that when he gets sick, he REALY gets sick. Luckily I just happened to decide to spend the night at moms so Jeff could get some uninterrupted sleep. We spent the entire night and next day holding Christopher and trying to make his belly feel better. He just got back to normal yesterday so he managed to catch up on lost sleep. While we were here at mom's she gave him a bath and Jacob got to help (turns out he's a pretty good little helper). We also discovered a mark on his left foot pinky toe. I'm almost certain it's a birthmark, (and what and odd place for it) but just to be safe we plan on asking the doctor on Tuesday. Jeff and I also decided that now that Christopher is a month old it's time for him to learn to sleep in his own bed. We started that fun experience Wed. night and so far it seems it might just workout. Jeff has been doing the hard part because he's awake most of the night anyway. We found out that if we let Christopher cry for about 5-10 minutes then go in and give him his bink he falls right to sleep, for a while. So while Jeff gets some much-needed rest tonight I'm going to try the night shift. This morning however was a warm morning with a few rain showers, which gave me the perfect opportunity to introduce Christopher to the sound of rain. This is the first time since he was born that it's been warm enough to take him onto the patio during the rain. I think he enjoyed the falling leaves a little bit more than the rain but it was an amusing experience none the less. I took one picture that was way to close to his face and the flash made it look like he was seeing a ghost but his facial expression was great!


Unknown said...

HA! That last photo is a riot!