Sunday, February 12, 2012


It is 11:00pm, and I am waiting to see if Caitlin is going to stay asleep in her crib. While cleaning up around the house I started thinking about the nicknames that have been given to her. They are by no means nicknames that relate to her name, and honestly don't have any real association to her. At a day old my mom started calling her peanut. I assume it is because she was so small when she was born, compared to Christopher. She is no longer a tiny newborn, or even a tiny infant. She is growing by leaps and bounds, but yet is still proclaimed "peanut" by grandma. I have a feeling that she will have that name for a while. Before she was born (probably when I was certin we were having a girl), I started calling her my little bug. Bugs are normally not associated to girls, but while laying in bed talking to her I would always call her that. I'm pretty sure I spoke to her with that name more than her real name. This is the reason why her room is a lady bug theme. I know for a fact that this nickname will be hers for life. It's funny how nicknames are decided, and given. And even more intruging when they have a story behind them. Christopher's most common nickname is Fred. Odd, and in no way close to his name. The day he was born I remember picking him up and saying "come on Fred", and it has stuck ever since. It always just seemed to fit. I wonder what other nicknames these two will gain, and how long they will stick around.


Cortney said...

It is amazing how nicknames fit and lots of times with no association to their actual names...i have always called my baby jaxson bug or buggy...n my oldest clayton clay 4 year old xzayan everyone calls Max...since he was born and trenton is treny or i always wonder what other names they will get also...its pretty neat!