Saturday, January 31, 2009


I wish these teeth would make their way into Christopher's lower jaw already. He's having a horrible time dealing with the pain and causing me a huge headache. It's hard enough to deal with Christopher at night when it is getting close to his bedtime (he gets EXTREMELY cranky), but now with his teeth coming in it's like World War 3. To make it worse Jeff works the evening shift so he is only home two nights of the week at these times. I'm dealing with it the best that I can but I honestly don't understand how these people with 6 to 8 babies deal with it. Check out our new video of Christopher chatting away with Jeff. At least it is good to know his eating isn't being slowed down by these teeth (he's chubbier than ever)!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Relaxing Day, Few Updates, And A Big Boy

We had such a great day yesterday, almost unbelievable. Even with Christopher's first two bottom teeth trying to make an early appearance he was calm and lovely all day. I made Jeff's favorite dinner (Roasted Eye Of Round Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Gravy, Green Beans, and Crescent Rolls), and we stayed in our pajamas for most of the day. Jeff needed a whole day just to relax since it had been almost 3 weeks since he had been able too. We also found some more pictures from his trip to D.C. so I figured I would add them on here.

Christopher is having another growth spurt but not really in weight. He is too long for his three month clothes :( and his feet are now into size ones and twos. I went through his closet today and i can't believe how big he is getting. We got a few pictures of him in his boots like daddy's and him relaxing in his bath robe & slippers.

p.s. we have moved on up to the big boy car seat.......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Art Projects- Sara

I love having spare time to myself. I have found that when Christopher falls asleep at night I get a few hours of "Me Time" to do whatever I please (within reason). I have begun undertaking art projects to use up some of this spare time, and these are my latest additions. Christopher's room is a jungle theme and he had on his wall 3 pictures of tigers (one painting, and two cheap prints). I was tired of seeing all tigers on the wall and since the two prints were not expensive ones I "revamped" them. I painted the two frames that were leopard print and added "Mommy Art". This is how they turned out:

Home At Last- Jeff

I’m back. Well what can I say? Going to Washington D.C. to be a part of the Presidential Inauguration was a great experience for me. Granted I could have dealt without the bone-chilling (and numbing) temperatures. I, along with about 100 fellow officers from Savannah Chatham Metro Police stood in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Ave, just down the road from the White House. We stood our post from about 4:30am until about 8:00pm. Everyone was ready to get back to the hotel to warm up and relax. I felt like it was an honor to be selected to go to DC. We even received a few commemorative items to remember our time in D.C. (A D.C. badge set, commemorative plate, and scarf). While I was working, I got to see a bit of the parade. And yes, the Best Damn Band in the Land, The Ohio State University marching band was in it. It was their first time ever in the parade. It was nice to see a bit of home.

The trip down on Sunday was a long a quiet one. We sat on the tour bus and watched movies the whole way. It made time go by quickly. It was about a 10 hour ride from Savannah to DC. After arriving at the hotel in the late evening, everyone was ready to eat. Everyone went their separate ways to the fine dining establishments in the hotel. And they were not cheap. On Monday, we
went to get the briefing. We sat in the arena of American University. Boy, what comfy seats…a line of B.S. After the briefing we went to Golden Corral, a command decision. What a poor decision that turned out to be. Everyone wanted to go back to the hotel to relax and try to sleep before getting up at 1:00am on Tuesday. After getting back to the hotel, everyone collapsed in their rooms. I didn’t get that much sleep because the Texas delegation was having a Black Tie & Boot party in the atrium. There is nothing like trying to sleep to “THE STARS AT NIGHT, ARE BIG AND BRIGHT, (BAM, BAM, BAM) DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!!!!!!” When we got up and out the door, the Texans were still partying. So Tuesday arrives and we go to work. We take turns going to the warming area DC Metro Police set up. While waiting for the shindig to start, I talked to a few Secret Service agents, officers from Montgomery County, MD Police, and a few fellows from Multnomah County, OR Sheriffs. They gave me a patch (so any other officers that want to patch trade, let me know. I’m starting a collection). The parade starts, a little late, but everyone is in high spirits. Our area had no criminal issues. We only had to deal with children who were out there for so long they started getting hypothermia. Just to show people that police care and help those in need, every SCMPD officer handed over the hand warmers that were given to us in the morning. We could deal with the cold; we didn’t want to see the kids hurting. We did the best we could for them. So Tuesday goes by and now it’s Wednesday. We get up at 5am to leave by 6. So at 7am when we leave, we are glad to be going home. We stopped for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Yum. Back on the road. We stop for lunch and fuel in Kenly, NC. It had snowed pretty well apparently. It was hilarious to see Good Ol’ Southern Boys playing the snow. Me, being from Ohio, was just like “yea, white powdery stuff that isn’t cocaine”. There were snowball fights. I and another officer decided to make a snowman before we left. He was sworn in and handed his sidearm. We boarded the buses and left for home. We arrived in Savannah around 6pm, and everyone grabbed their stuff and ran to their cars. I got of the bus to see my beautiful wife and baby boy, I was glad to be home.
I did come away from this experience with some useful knowledge and memories. I can say that “I was there and a part of history”.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Wasting Time

Christopher and I have missed Jeff a lot over the past couple of days. Four days doesn't seem like forever until you reach the fourth day and you're counting down the hour, minutes, and seconds. In order to keep myself sane today (mostly because I have Christopher and Jacob by myself) I have been taking pictures and videos non-stop. Some of these pictures I'm putting up today because they cracked me up. The little one was in a goofy mood. Christopher did a great job sleeping last night especially since he was not at home and in his pack-n-play. He went to sleep around 8:45 and slept all the way up until 7:30 this morning. After a hectic morning of running from Christopher to Jacob trying to get both of them fed, changed, and trying to do the same for myself I am ready for a break. Honestly I don't know If I am going to be able to handle 2 kids, I was ready to pull my hair out this morning. Thank goodness for naps! I did somehow manage to lock myself out of my mom's house, but that is a total blond moment that does not need to be posted ;).

Jeff should be home tonight somewhere between 7 and 9, hopefully closer to 7. He said he had a great trip and he plans on posting his "D.C. Adventure" sometime tomorrow. For now I leave you with amusing pictures of Christopher. Later Gators

Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Diaper Cake

My friend Lindsey is having her baby shower soon for, soon to arrive, Lauren. Instead of just giving her a basic gift I thought I would bring out my crafty skills, and try to make a diaper cake. It turned out great! I now have my "gift" idea for baby showers in the future. Not to mention (hint hint) if anyone here in the Savannah area would like for me to make one for you just let me know ;)

On the down side of the past week Christopher has been fighting a loosing battle with diareah. I called the doctor this morning because it just wasn't getting any better and they told me that he needs to have clood drawn next month to make sure he doesn't have stomach "issues". We had tried to start feeding him rice cereal and it wen't realy well so we started adding in baby foods, that's when the problem started. We cut out the baby food the other day but he still isn't getting any better. The doctor's office told us that this probably started with the rice cereal but took a while to show up, so back to formula ONLY. Hopefully this won't last much longer because his little bottom is so sore.
We have also been battling his "lack of tummy-time" issues. Before he would scream when I went to put him on his stomach, now he just falls asleep! So this fight shall continue.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Off To D.C.

Jeff left this morning on his 8 hour trip to D.C. Along with 80+ other officers from Savannah they are going to keep D.C. in somewhat of a lower level of chaos on Tuesday for the inauguration. He will remember this experience for the rest of his life and most likely be telling Christopher about the experience over, and over, and over again. It is 2:30 in the afternoon and by now he should be in North Carolina, with about 5 more hours to go. I took a video (click on it above) of him getting on the tour buss and a few other pictures this morning. I also have a few inside shots of the Gaylord National Hotel he will be staying at. The same hotel that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are at. To give you any insight to how swanky this hotel is, it has a water park, a ''mall'', and a few restaurants inside. Here are a few photos. I doubt he's having a rough time "working" over the next four days. Seems to be more like a payed vacation but he deserves every second of it. So keep him and the other southern officers in your thoughts as they brave the cold, and pray from me having Christopher by myself for the next 4 days. Not to mention bubba on Wed. and Thurs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Awesome Picture Of Jeff

Evidently little kids are really liking Jeff as a police officer because a little girl gave him a picture while he was on a call to her house the other night. I cracked me up at first because she gave him a red hat, red boots, green pants and green eyes (which she was a little upset about because she didn't realize his eyes were blue). Not to mention she put him in rain drops and he's standing on a funky looking road. Other than those small things it was a striking resemblance of him. She even gave him a star on his chest.... cute! ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Knew 3 Months Would Arrive So Fast?

Christopher has been cruising past all of his developmental milestones this past week. For a while now I was beginning to worry that he would be behind in most of the areas that 3 month olds are supposed to be starting. In the last few days he has astonished me time and time again.

-He has finally started playing on his belly (after only 12 days of torturous crying)

-He held his own bottle several times in the past couple of days

-I have noticed him rocking from side to side when he is playing on the floor trying to roll over

-We began the scooting phase the other night, he no longer wants to be in one place for too long.

-We started rice cereal about 2 weeks ago and he is taking to more solid foods like a fish takes to water. He starts to cry if Jeff and I are eating something like he wants to try it (Sorry but pizza is a few years away!).

-This week coming up we are going to try baby veggies. He's had applesauce, and liked it A LOT. He also tried some peaches, although I'm going to hold off on fruits for a while longer (they don't agree with his digestive system just yet).

-We don't have another doctors apt. until February but as of today his weight is....... 14 pounds and 4 ounces.

I apologize for the quality of a few of the pictures I took them with my camera phone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christophers First Boo-Boo

Oh what a night! Christopher had his first boo-boo and I think that I was more upset than what he was. I was trimming his nails because they grow ridiculously fast, and he decided to jerk his hand at the same second that I went to cut. Instead of getting the nail I snipped the tip of his thumb. I can handle seeing a car wreck with blood gushing out of someones head, arm, & whatever else, but when I saw his finger with the tiniest cut I started to cry as if it were my finger. I assume that it was because it was my fault but none the less it was still bad. We got him all cleaned up and less than 30 minutes later he had forgotten all about it. I know it is the first of many to come (especially if he is as klutzy as I am), but I hope he gives me time to prepare for the next round.

I was on a picture taking spree yesterday as well and these are some of the pictures I liked. The first one on here is after his finger incident. You can see the band aide on his finger (which fell off in the bathtub last night). BTW a little piece of info: Don't ever put a band aide on a baby or toddler's hand who sucks on their fingers... too many babies choke that way :(

Photo Tag

Thanks Kim! I haven't opened that folder in a while. This is a picture of my little brother Jacob at about 8 months eating some yummy baby food!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christophers 3 Month Pictures

It's been a few days and I needed to update everyone on Christopher's on again off again sleeping habits. it seems that our beautiful little boy only wants to sleep every other night. As much of a blessing as it is to having him sleeping at all it would be even better if it were every night. Last night was a 10 hour night (I LOVE being rested and awake). We went to get his 3 month pictures taken yesterday and while it wasn't to horrible he still wasn't a cooperative little fellow. He started out o.k. then went to absolute hysteria which was followed by a crash. We tried everything to get him to wake up at the end or even just open his eyes but nothing would work. I made a collage of his pictures (there were to many to do them one at a time) they will be in on the 19Th so we will get them sent out shortly after.

Friday, January 2, 2009

If Looks Could Kill....

... I would be on the floor dead in our living room! Christopher was not to thrilled about his rice cereal experiment. At first he was OK with it, something new, but then he gave me a look of absolute disgust and screamed like I had never heard him before. So I added the rest of the cereal to his bottle and decided we would try again tonight, tomorrow night, and so on. He also gave us the worst night of sleep since he was a newborn (I say it was payback for the cereal). He was awake after only 3 hours and then was awake every hour after that for the rest of the night. He however will learn to like cereal (hopefully soon!) and eventually will be sleeping trough the night.

We tried on one of his new shirts that he got for Christmas today, It is hilarious because it describes him to a "T" (Where do these goofy sayings come from I wonder.... I digress). Enjoy you day and hopefully we will enjoy some sleep tonight ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Son The Ladies Man

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Jeff and I got invited out with some of our friends last night, but the place we were going to wasn't serving a very appetizing menu of foods (esp. for Jeff). We all decided to get dinner elsewhere fist and someone mentioned Hooters. Not a very high end place to go for dinner on New Years Eve, but hey I love the wings so we tagged along. We took Christopher along before dropping him off at Grandma's house for the night. Not even 3 minutes after walking into the door at Hooters and Christopher had a gaggle of girls flocking in his direction. The entire time we were there he was being passed from one girl to the next so we decided to get a picture of him with the girls to add to his memory book.
After we dropped him off at Grandmas we headed out to the Baja Cantina and enjoyed our New Year's Celebration and a much needed quiet full night of rest. It seems that Christopher also enjoyed his overnight stay with Grandma and Grandpa. They said he did fine and only cried when he woke up the next morning. I'm glad he had a good night because tonight we start rice cereal....Wish us luck!